#LondonMistresses – 2pm Tue 30 January ~ “Beautifully Destroyed” – Multi Mistress Party

2pm Tue 30 January ~ “Beautifully Destroyed” – Multi Mistress Party, LONDON!  Join Goddess Cleo, Goddess Anastaxia, Mistress Absolute and Apprentice Domina Ms Eva for some sweet, strict, sensual, sadism!  Regardless of whether you are a true masochist, or simply someone who enjoys extending your boundaries, the Dominas will delight in pushing you to the edge, and perhaps beyond, completely testing your preconceived limits.  Come join this prestigious event and be beautifully destroyed at the mercy of our gorgeous, talented Dominas.  Attendance at this party is definitely not for the fainthearted…  Held in private, discreet facilities in Central London E1, the attendance fee is £150 paid in advance.  Visit HERE to apply for a place with these intimidatingly beautiful FemDom Goddesses.